We've Changed Our Name ZackTech is now Apollo

ZackTech Computer Services Is Now Apollo

Effective May 12th, 2017, ZackTech Computer Services is now Apollo Networks.

In early 2017, the staff of ZackTech decided that the company was due for a new image. ZackTech's stellar reuptation aside, we wanted a name that was more professional, sounded like a modern tech company, and reflected our company's attitude of always moving forward. After months of consideration, we have decided that Apollo Networks would be the best new name.

The main influence for the new name was NASA's Apollo space program. We feel as though Apollo is an appropriate description of the quality of service we offer to our clients, as we will go to the moon and back to get things done for them. When ZackTech first opened up, it was located in Bethpage, about 5 minutes away from the factory in which the Lunar Module was built.

There will be no major changes regarding business operations. Pricing will not change for our existing clients. The staff will not change. We will continue to offer the same level of service which has been offered over the past five years.

Most importantly, we have not been bought out, sold, or acquired, and the company is still being operated by the same owner.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to our staff at (516) 584-4000.

Thank you for your years of being a ZackTech client - we look forward to exceeding your wildest expectations, and growing with your company.